Around the world in 365 days English version

The idea of our trip is to go around the World whithin one year from Italy to Patagonia ( that is called sometimes Land of Fire) crossing Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok, Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, Columbia, Ecuador,  Peru and , finally, Argentina. All the way is about of 60 000 km.

During our trip we are supposed to spend much money and as our finances are limited we decided not only to live the spirit of adventure but also to work in the countries we are going to visit. If we manage to maintain ourselves along this trip working and immersing in cultures of these places  – it will be a great success for us!

Obviously, this adventure will not make us famous or rich but it will be a new, unique experience. It will become us different persons, we will watch the World with different eyes, realizing our destination in it.

It’s left more than one year for the Start Day but to plan all the time is never enough.

Making the route is not so difficult than get the working visas ( sometimes it’s hard to obtain ones), medical and vehicle insurance.

“This trip is not only unique adventure but also return to my origins in Argentina, where more than one century ago my family came into sight. My ancestors , Italians, were immigrated to Argentina searching better life and then turned back to Italy at the beginning of 1900  in Tradate (province of Varese) where I was born”, says Fabrizio. “My grandmother was born in Argentina and turned back to Italy with her parents when she was 19 but she never forgot her origins, her language and the trip across the Atlantic ocean that brought her to Europe”.

Our  tour we want to dedicate to grandmother Silvia,  it will be so-called a present in her honour. We’ll visit a place where she was born , Mercedes, and will return back to Italy crossing the Atlantic ocean from Buenos Aires to Genoa how she made. Of course not in a cruise liner but in a cargo ship that will be less comfort but also less expensive!GIRO DEL MONDO

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